What my clients are saying:

"Steven showed up at a moments notice to help with out Master Bathroom; there was a leak in the shower and we didn't know what was going on. I should probably mention that it was four days before Christmas. Steven pulled a miracle and fixed the leak (which turned out to be from the roof), patching it so that we could safely make it through the holidays without having to replace the roof during such a busy time. Don't know what we would have done without him. Thanks, Steven." -Sarah Alston

"Steven is absolutely wonderful! He put a much needed fence in both our front and back yards. He also installed the flooring in our whole house, from carpet, to linoleum, to tile! He is so helpful and affordable, I can't imagine having a home improvement project without him there! Now we're getting ready to have a baby, and the Nursery will definitely be needing some "Handyman", from my Hero, Steven!!" -Jessica Kroha

"This summer I was working on updating the siding on our house and fixing the roof - both of which are a two person job. Steven checked out the project, estimated it at a rate that was more than perfect for me and spent three days making this project a piece of cake. He's more fun to work with than my brother." -Nathan Gibbs

"We have had Steven do a lot of work at our rental house and our home. He's done tile, paint, patched up a hole in our living room ceiling from a leak, and put flooring in two of our bathrooms, just to name a few of the big jobs. I've referred him out to other people and they've all been really pleased with the work he's done. He does an exceptional job, in a short amount of time, and at an affordable price. So if you need something done that you've been procrastinating about or you're in over your head call Steven Strain you will not be disappointed!" -Mendhy Johansen

"Steven came out to our house and designed and built the most amazing railing for my front porch; it was cedar with amaazing cast iron edging and trim and the tops of the main railing has solar lighting! I am so happy with my gorgeous new porch and my house has incredible curb appeal! -Jesse Phillips